TS8 software development tools

Firmware development kit (FDK) is provided for those TS8 users who need extra features and wish to create custom solutions.

Server software development kit (SDK) is for users who need to interface their existing software systems with a TS8 device that is running on PiccoLink firmware.

Skin builder is provided for those TS8 users who do not want to deal with software development, but wish to use their own screen look and design.

Firmware development kit

TS8 platform runs an embedded Linux operating system with a custom root filesystem. The development environment of the host machine is also Linux based and employs an ARM cross-compiler toolchain for building the kernel, board-specific drivers, root filesystem and user space applications and utilities. Additional libraries required to support applications are built from their original source code packages and installed to the target filesystem.


  • Easy to set-up and configure
  • Hosted development environment is available on request
  • Jenkins CI can be used for continuous integration
  • Console with development adapter
  • GNU debugger and gdbserver
  • USB Ethernet Gadget for remote application debugging
  • Documentation and support from Vecly development team

Tools and technologies

  • Works on Debian Linux (but is not limited to it)
  • Source control and updates via Git
  • Mentor Graphics Sourcery Tools cross-compiler toolchain for ARM
  • Compatible with Eclipse IDE for C/C++ Developers
  • Atmel tools for low level firmware flashing

  • U-boot bootloader
  • Linux kernel
  • Busybox toolbox
  • Auxiliary libraries and tools (freetype, expat, libpng, etc)

  • exynthoo C++ GUI library and documentation
  • TS8 specific libspatha library with documentation
  • Adapted and optimised Xynth GUI engine (eXynth)
  • Utilities, helper scripts and hardware tests
  • PLE (PiccoLink Emulation) terminal application

PLE server software development kit

Software Development Kit (SDK) has been designed to simplify server applications development and enable rapid deployment to the TS8.

The TS8 comes with firmware that integrates a terminal emulation application running on a PiccoLink-compatible protocol stack. The device communicates with a server via GPRS or WLAN bearers. The server implements an Applications Programming Interface and terminal communication control, and provides the presentation layer to the PLE terminal by sending custom made forms over a binary PiccoLink-compatible PLE protocol. Default character maps included in the kit are for example Western, Central-European, Scandinavian, Finno-Ugric and Cyrillic characters.


  • Low Integrated Development Environment set-up time and cost
  • Simultaneous support for multiple scanners and applications
  • Low hardware resources consumption
  • Hosted staging environment available on request
  • Continuous integration with Jenkins CI (Vecly CI can be used)
  • Pre-built demo server for trials and Vecly TS8 demo environment
  • Documentation and support from Vecly development team
  • Interoperable with other vendors using PiccoLink

Tools and technologies

  • Cross-platform by running Java SE virtual machine
  • Maven software project management
  • Source control and updates via Git
  • Supports Eclipse IDE (for Java developers)

  • Modular and loosely coupled design
  • Documented internal API
  • Communication over documented PLE protocol
  • TS8 context persistence in case of communication breaks
  • User interface abstractions
  • Pre-developed demonstration applications
  • Debugging possibilities within TS8 device

PLE skin builder

TS8 user interface look can be customised. You can create custom skins and graphics files to personalise the default look.

The Skin builder is a truly easy-to-use solution, it requires no specific IT-skills.

  • One skin file in XML (Extensible Markup Language)
  • Standard image files for icons and images
  • Default user interface files provided as examples
  • Fast deployment and usage via microSD memory card

Downloads and links