TS8 accessories

The TS8 product package includes several accessories, which can be purchased separate from the device.


Unlike several other modern hand held devices, TS8’s battery can be replaced in few easy steps and the device is ready for use almost instantly.

TS8-B201 features:

  • 2000 mAh capacity is enough for a full working day
  • Battery can be separated from the device and charged with an external power supply
  • A multicolour LED light turns green when the battery is fully charged

Power supply

The TS8 can be charged via an USB port, however, we recommend using an external power supply to decrease charging time.

TS8-PRX1 features:

  • Small wall plug-in does not take much space
  • The device comes with a 1.8 m cord
  • No need for an adapter, charger is compatible with EU, UK and US sockets
  • High quality and safe to use

Manual and specifications.pdf

RoHS declaration.pdf

Desktop stand

Keep your device always charged and conveniently at hand.


  • Both the TS8 device and an extra TS8-B201 battery can be simultaneously mounted onto the stand.
  • Can be used as charger when connected to a power supply
  • LEDs to indicate power status

Soft bag

Protect your device from daily wear


  • Bright and noticeable design
  • Comes with a carabiner, allowing you to secure the bag to your belt or harness
  • Internal pocket for spare battery or other accessories

Development adapter

Speed up application development with an always-available device console


  • Provides access to theTS8-series console trough an USB port
  • The scanning head can be used for development and troubleshooting
  • Enables full firmware recovery
  • Supported by Linux, Windows and OS X

Drivers download from FTDI web

Memory card

Mass-deploy updates and use extra storage for off-line applications


  • Storage space 4 GB
  • Class 4 microSDHC
  • SD Card adapter
  • High quality