TS8 mobile barcode and RFID scanner

Easy integration

TS8 system provides seamless integration with a variety of networks and information systems, and it serves as a solid foundation for enterprise data capturing.


TS8 mobile handheld scanners’ hardware and software have replaceable scanning and communications modules, which allow for easy device modification, for example in case of changing client needs.

Client productivity

The TS8 platform does not limit your movements to a specific area. Also, you have access to real-time data 24/7 — that is because it connects to local wireless and mobile networks. The TS8 can also be used for data capture and its memory card for data storage.


Simplicity The device’s limited functionality might seem strange at first, but it is intentional: simplicity means less worry with support and maintenance. This principle has been applied on both hardware and software; and it decreases the total cost of ownership over the entire lifespan.

Modularity You do not need to buy unnecessary features and hardware to make changes. Communication and scanner modules can simply be replaced, thus keeping ownership costs down.

Serviceability Hardware has been designed with reparability and serviceability in mind: the device consists of parts which can easily be replaced. For example, if an enclosure breaks, you do not need to buy a whole new device, just an enclosure. The same principle applies to hardware upgrades, too.

Durability Device’s simplicity is the key to its durability. You can use the TS8 daily, for several years, without the need to repair or replace it.

Open source software TS8’s firmware and application development kits are open source. This gives you the freedom to customise and develop your own capabilities, features and use cases, and you are independent from software maintenance schedules. This does not mean that you have to become a software developer — you can rely on the updates provided by Vecly.

Technical overview

Communication modules: quad-band GSM modem, WLAN802.11b/g/n wireless network card or long-range Bluetooth module with an external antenna for seamless and long range network communications

Scanner modules: replaceable reader modules include 1D, 2D, HF RFID Read/Write and SmartCard data inputs. All common 1D barcodes, including EAN, Code39 and Code128, are supported.

Charging: mini-USB or external wall plug-in power supply.

Battery: replaceable battery can be charged while it is connected to the scanner, or separately when connected to an external power supply.

Colour OLED display: it is the world’s first OLED QVGA equipped mobile terminal. The extra bright OLED screen technology maximises battery life, while providing sharp image quality even in poor lighting conditions.

Sealed backlit keypad: a backlit and sealed keypad makes the device easy to handle even with one hand and guarantees good visibility under various lighting conditions. TS8’s exterior design is smooth and without sharp corners, thus offering increased liquid and damage resistance, and making it easy to clean and maintain.

Computer connection: mini-USB for configuration and Bluetooth for peripheral equipment.

Additional storage: the device has a microSD memory card slot. It can be used for updates and configuration mass-deployment, or custom applications and data storing.

Customised display look and design: we have added the Skin builder to the device, therefore it is easy for even casual users to design their own display look for standard firmware.

Software and systems connectivity

TS8 is equipped with firmware that is compatible with PiccoLink protocol over IP network connection, meaning that there is no need to install any additional applications in order to connect it with various storage, retail and logistics software systems. What is more, this free firmware development kit enables you to customise and develop new applications and deploy them directly to the device. Vecly also provides a free server software development kit, which allows you to integrate your TS8 with a broad range of systems and develop custom use cases and workflows.

You can configure the device with a single configuration file. This file can be modified when the TS8 is connected to a personal computer, or be installed onto the device from a memory card. This firmware includes built-in hardware tests that can be used for initial troubleshooting. And, as we have stated before, everything is so simple that you do not have to be a computer expert to install configuration and firmware updates.

Skin builder enables easy user interface customisation without the need to develop one’s own firmware. Skin files can be accessed from a memory card.

Vecly is constantly improving and extending TS8’s software. In case you get the feeling that a feature important for you seems to be missing, please contact us.

Try out our demo device

We are happy to arrange a product demonstration and let you try the TS8 out before buying it. Please contact us for further information.

We can also provide pre-built demo applications: you can try our hosted solution, deploy a demo server or even build a simple custom application.

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